Expectation of Students

Students are expected to arrive 5 minutes early to their lesson with their harp binder.

Students will listen attentively and work respectfully and cooperatively during lessons.

Students are expected to practice from the practice sheet 6 days each week record their practicing on the practice sheet. Please remember that practice sessions at home are not about quantity, but quality. I expect every goal on the practice sheet to be accomplished each day. If a goal is not accomplished during the week, we will spend the first portion of the lesson doing repetitions of that goal, so it is in the student’s best interest to accomplish these goals at home so as to not waste lesson time.

Students are expected to listen at least 30 minutes every day and record their listening on the practice sheet. Often times if a student is struggling with a piece, it is because they have not been listening. Listening is a key aspect of the Suzuki method and will make both the student’s and my job much easier.

Students are expected to attend group lessons regularly. Group lessons are paid for by your tuition and allow students to learn a variety of skills we don’t have time to cover in regular lessons.

Students are expected to attend Suzuki Harp Institutes when held in Utah.

Students will attend at least one master class per calendar year. Master classes can include Suzuki Institute, master classes sponsored by Lyon & Healy West, or a scheduled private lesson with a recommended teacher. Please inform me of your master class so that I can attend.

Students are expected to participate in at least 2 performance opportunities per calendar year. I will provide two performance opportunities, but students may also earn credit for competitions or Book Recitals.

 Expectation of Parents

Parents are responsible for attending all lessons, camps, and master classes with their student. Parents are expected to take notes during lessons and are partially responsible for their student’s listening and practicing. Parents are required to practice with their student, responsible for telling their student the correct fingering from the music, and are expected to know how to tune the harp and perform basic harp maintenance. Parents should ask any questions necessary during the lesson for effective practice at home.

 Lesson Cancellation Policy: Each student will be allowed one ‘make-up’ lesson per month. This means that if there is an illness, family emergency, scheduling conflict, etc. I will work with you to reschedule the missed lesson at a time that is convenient for both of us. Lessons should not be cancelled except for illness or emergency. If you need to reschedule more than one lesson in a month, I will try to fit in a make-up lesson at my convenience, but cannot guarantee the lesson will be made up. If you are unable to come to this make-up lesson, no adjustments to tuition will be made. Please understand that you are paying for my availability during your scheduled time slot. Your cancellation often means extra hours of work for me, and I am not always able to make arrangements for you. A “no-show” (a cancellation with less than 6 hrs. notice) will never be made up, and tuition will not be adjusted. If I cancel a lesson and am unable to give you a make-up, your tuition will be adjusted or reimbursed for the following month.

 Please let me know if you have any questions about my studio policy. I am happy to discuss any concerns. My primary interest is that my students learn to love music and develop their talent as harpists.

   Download PDF here

   Download PDF here


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